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Laser Training Course

A Quick yet Comprehensive Bootcamp to Earn You the Skills You Need to Serve Clients with Advanced Laser Procedures.


Unlock Your Potential

Elevate your career with our 5-day, in-person Cosmetic Advanced Modalities and Laser Training Course in Fairfax, Virginia. Receive a certification upon completion and gain hands-on experience with the latest laser technologies.


Expert-Led Training

Train with experienced instructors using state-of-the-art equipment. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you master both theoretical and practical aspects, preparing you for real-world applications.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Learn laser physics, safety, skin anatomy, and advanced laser technologies like YAG, Fractional, Nanofractional, Picosecond, IPL, and HIFU. Engage in hands-on training and develop skills in patient consultation and care.


Passionate and Experienced Instructors with You Every Step of the Way

Masters of their craft, Lillique promises to have only the best teach you on your journey through learning skincare. Learn more about our expert instructors by clicking the button below.

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