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Permanent Makeup Course

The Art of Ever-Lasting Beauty.


Kick start a career in one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry.

Join one of Virginia's top-ranked permanent makeup schools! Train in our clean, updated, and industry-leading facilities. Transform your passion into a lucrative career with expert guidance and comprehensive courses.


Practice Makes Perfect!

Get substantial hands-on training with a minimum of 50 practicals done on our models or simulated model technology that ensures you have the hours to back up your expertise!


Improve the lives of countless women. 

Transform Lives Through Permanent Makeup and learn to empower women who struggle with makeup application. Gain the skills to bring joy and confidence to those who crave the beauty they deserve. Make a meaningful impact with every stroke!


Passionate and Experienced Instructors with You Every Step of the Way

Masters of their craft, Lillique promises to have only the best teach you on your journey through learning skincare. Learn more about our expert instructors by clicking the button below.

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