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About Lillique

Lillique Training Institute strives to provide our students and alumni with supperior educational experience, the finest faculties, the most comprehensive curriculum and the opportunity for advanced job placement upon graduation.

We pride ourselves in providing the knowledge, tools, and experience required in a small classroom settings. Our maximum student to teacher ratio will be 12 to 1 which will better prepare our committed students to successfully engage in their professional skincare careers upon graduation.

In addition to providing excellence in the primary courses offered by the school, it is our goal to provide our alumni with the opportunity of the finest and most comprehensive continuing post-graduate education available.

Lillique Training Institute was founded by Mandana Massjouni in 2016. Ms. Massjouni retains a highly qualified staff of estheticians, instructors, and other personnel necessary to maintain the highest standards of operational excellence.

Ms. Massjouni grew up in a Cosmetology environment. Her mother owned and operated a salon and spa, which also included a school. Ms. Massjouni is proud to follow in the steps of family tradition and continue the legacy of providing excellent, individualized instruction to the next generation of students.

Ms. Massjouni holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  She leverages her 30-year of vast experience and knowledge in engineering and technology at Lillique. She concurrently leads a large team of over 25 individuals who are technology experts toward improving mission critical systems at a Federal Agencies. In 2012, Ms. Massjouni founded Lillique Medical Spa with eagerness to use the new technology available merging her engineering and technology background with today’s cosmetology field. Early on in her work with estheticians, she noticed that there was a lack of proper education with experience. She wanted her estheticians to be more confident in their art as the technology is ever changing. There upon came her decision to work on training the best estheticians that use established and customized protocols with knowledge in the unique needs of their diverse clients. She determined to make Lillique different, hence her motto “Education with a difference!”. Lillique estheticians implement protocols with appropriate and intelligent analysis of the client’s needs. This philosophy carries over to the students at Lillique Training Institute. Through a customized combination of classroom education, practical exercise, and lab work, Ms. Massjouni ensures her students graduate with a firm understanding of how to analyze and customize treatments for each client needs.

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